I offer originals, limited edition prints and commissions. 

Tiny Paintings make excellent gifts (for yourself and others) as they are truly unique, personal and small enough to be displayed virtually anywhere.



Originals I paint 3-4 originals per week, selecting subjects based on a mix of customer requests and things that resonate with me. Originals are signed, matted and framed. I do everything completely by hand. I cut my own mats, make my own frames and even cut the glass myself. Each Original is carefully packed then shipped with tracking to ensure you receive the painting promptly and in tact.

From each original, only 20 limited edition prints are released. To make a request, contact me with your request and I will add it to the list. Please note, requests should be a "like to have" since I can not make any guarantees on requests. If this is a "must have" contact me about doing a commission. Shop for Originals 

$200 and up

Limited Edition Prints are released as batches of no more than 20 prints per original. Then the image is retired and can no longer be purchased. I feel strongly about my philosophy for selling such limited number of prints. You see, each piece of art I sell, has special meaning. Each one has been personally touched by me. Every print is signed and numbered, with love. I want you to know that no matter what you buy from me, you can always take pleasure in knowing that you indeed have a rare piece of art. Each print is shipped in a protective and beautiful keepsake artist folder (also individually made by me) to ensure it is protected during delivery. Shop for Limited Edition Prints

$35 and up

Paint brushes

I also offer Commission work for that extra special idea you may have that celebrates a special occasion or commemorates a special memory. You will provide me an image of what you want and I will be in contact with you on any special instructions. The price of commission varies depending on difficulty and uniqueness. You may request the commission to not be reproduced with any prints, but that would obviously impact the price. As a general rule, I encourage people to share the love of their inspiration with 20 others through limited prints, but this is not required. Contact me for Commissions

$250 and up